Flute Etudes


Why were the Colorful Flute Etudes written?

The Colorful Flute Etudes were written by fluteplayer, -teacher and -composer Ansje De Groef. She was in need of fun etudes for her young (and less young ;-)) flutestudents.  Many known flute etudes are written for more advanced students only and in only one style.

Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd year
Colorful Flute Etudes 3rd year
Colorful Flute Etudes intermediate
Colorful Flute Etudes advanced

Which Colorful Flute Etude books are there?

At the moment there are 4 Colorful Flute Etudes by Ansje De Groef:

-Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd year  (for 2nd year students & 3rd year students)

-Colorful Flute Etudes 3rd year (for 3rd year & 4th year students)

-Colorful Flute Etudes Intermediate (for 4th, 5th & 6th year students, but also for more advanced student who love sightreading & fun etudes)

-Colorful Flute Etudes Advanced: for more advanced students who love a challenge ;-)

Why progressive Flute Etudes?

The Flute Etudes are progressive, so the students meet with all aspects of flute playing.  Different aspects reoccur in the different books at another level.  

The aspects are classical aspects like legato, staccato and double staccato, different keys, classical time signatures, but also more modern aspects like modern rhythms, time signatures, chromatics, flatterzunge, etc.

The etudes are always challenging in a way, inviting to practice.

Why the name 'Colorful Flute Etudes?

These etudes are in a variety of styles, so the students meet with different kinds of genres.  Some etudes are very classical, others sound more folky or have a 'pop'-feeling. Etudes like 'PaĆ«lla para todos' sound spanish of course and titles like 'Vienna Vibes' don't need any explanation :-)

Where can I buy the Colorful Flute Etudes?

Ansje De Groef sells her books in the webshop of this website (also PDF's) 

You can order the books from all over the world (physical copies and PDF's)

You can also buy the PDF's at the fluteplay website

Can I look into the content of the Colorful Flute Etudes?

Here below are a few fragments of each book.

Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd year has 15 (a little shorter) etudes and scales & warming up excercises.

The other books have 12 etudes each (1 page each)

Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd year

Colorful Flute Etudes 3rd year

Colorful Flute Etudes Intermediate

Colorful Flute Etudes Advanced

Any questions about the books, audiofiles, videos?

You can always e-mail me at ansje@colorfulflute.com 

I'm happy to hear from you!

Ansje De Groef